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Essay writing is a very interesting field with a number of steps and techniques to follow to get a perfectly crafted essay in any field of writing. Writers use facts and figures from the writing of other people to justify their own claims. These writings often stated in quotation marks, through sandwich rule, and double indentation helps the readers find them out as soon as possible and develop their interest accordingly. 

Quotations, as we see in most of our writings, are not only meant to explain the stance of the writer but make the reader stop and preview the text solidified from other writer’s justifications. Some people might not want to insert quotations in their essay because it might cause them to look for proper citation and format; however, adding quotes in your essay or paper is one of the most interesting ways to grab the attention of your reader. 

Often appreciated yet rarely used with the correct format, quotations sometimes make up the gist of a given situation and discussion. Most of you might think now that maybe the format is that much of a big deal that people avoid them. Let me tell you frankly, it is a completely wrong notion to think so. 

To become an essay writer who has some strong claim to challenge the other ideas of the field is very much needed to add quotes and get the argument supported by the ideas of other people.  Even If I have been assigned to write my paper or any essay and address any social or political issue, I would definitely be adding citations and some quotes as strong evidence to support my claim in the discussion because otherwise taking some else’s ideas and presenting them as my own will not do me any good.  

To avoid plagiarism and unnecessary lame explanations, it is important to understand and learn the art of quotes insertion to make your essay more practical and consistent in the eyes of the reader. If, by now you are confused and need some help regarding quotations, I am here to help you learn the different types and steps of quotes to help you save your time as much as possible.  

Quotes have approximately 4 to 5 types which we are going to discuss below to help you learn as easily as possible. 

  1. Direct Quotation:

Direct quotations are the easiest yet trickiest form of quotations where an essay writer usually inserts the exact words of the writer with quotation marks on the end. Direct quotations do not involve any rephrasing or modifying strategy at all. Example:Original text: “Nothing is as it appears”.Quote: “Nothing is as it appears" (Arthur, 81) 

  1. Partial Direct Quotation (text removed)

There are certain situations where the quote is too big to incorporate inside an essay. Not only is the length of the text hindering but the diversion from the main point towards the middle of the text. It is not mandatory to state it all completely and perfectly.  Example:Original text: “Nothing is as it appears"Quotation: “Nothing is as it appears" (Arthur, 1) 

  1. Partial Direct Quotations (text introduced or concluded)

Sometimes your teachers are not satisfied with you putting most of your word count into a quote, but you just want to incorporate the reference of a speaker similar to your ideas. The most preferable way in such situations is to opt for Partial direct quotations instead of long quotes, which help you add a reference and significantly rephrase it as well. As shown in the example below: ExampleOriginal text: “Nothing is as it appears"Quotation:  As Carl Arthur (2002) while stating the facts of materialism and its relation with truth, stated, “Nothing is as it appears" (Arthur, 1)”. 

  1. Block Quotation

The types of formatting that I have stated so far to write my essay are not enough until we discuss and understand the most common yet, most interesting and tricky form of format for quote insertion in a text i.e., Block quotation insertion. Block quotation has often been considered a bit difficult to understand; however, only 2 to 3 basic steps are required to perform block formatting.

Step 1: Before inserting a quote in your paper, take on one or two lines to explain it.

Step 2: After the basic introduction, insert the quote

Step 3: After inserting the quote with an in-text citation at the end, you must spare at least one or 2 lines to explain the quote and further generate the discussion accordingly 

Most of you have gained this idea by now that quotes basically enhance your stance in an essay or academic paper discussion, therefore it is an interesting and beneficial act to incorporate the ideas of other people, ideas colliding with your ideas, to prove the authenticity of your claim. 

Although the process isn’t a hard and fast rule, if some of the students are still reluctant to get the gist of the discussion, they can use any essay writing service easily available on the internet to assist them easily.  

The art of quote insertion in an essay is a very significant technique, that, every essay writing beginner must learn to enhance his essay writing techniques and make some good impression in front of his professor Therefore, I have mentioned some of the easiest ways to develop an understanding of the topic and quote insertion. You can simply help yourself with these ideas and craft a perfectly evident essay easily. Good luck!

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