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Everyone is aware of the importance of a strong thesis statement when writing an essay. But most writers do not pay enough attention to the conclusion of a piece of writing; this is specifically true in the case of novice writers. These people often struggle with writing a good conclusion at the end of their essay or any college paper. Both, introduction and conclusion are bridges for the reader to get in and out of the analyses you are going to provide. Introduction, for instance, is a bridge that connects the readers’ opinion to your analyses in the paper. Similarly, a conclusion also works as a bridge that leads the reader out of the analysis and they can then draw comparisons between your opinion and theirs; however, with a perception built in their minds.

There is no universal rule to writing a conclusion that fits the definition of 'strong conclusion'. However, there are some tips for you as an paper writers, through which you can easily make your conclusion better or stronger. The first convention of writing a good conclusion is to start with the thesis statement that you have provided in the introduction. Make sure to not simply copy paste the thesis statement. You must rephrase it. It is important to restate the thesis statement because it restates your claim in the mind of the reader.

After restating the thesis statement, provide a brief account of all the important arguments that you made during your journey to prove your claim. It is not recommended to go through all the arguments again in the conclusion; however, it is advised to provide highlights of all the arguments. After providing a brief account of all the arguments, now is the time to provide some analyses in two or three sentences. Use good words that provide comprehensive detail about the problem in your own words.

The next step in writing a strong conclusion is to provide some recommendations based on the outcomes of the research that you conducted in your paper. However, it is advised that writers avoid putting new information in the conclusion. Therefore, it is important to be careful while providing recommendations in the conclusion.

Many believe that conclusion is just the summary of the whole paper. This claim is largely misleading in many regards. There is another part that is reserved for the summary, called abstract. Summary is provided in the abstract, and not in the conclusion. The conclusion is the synthesis of the complete paper and not the summary. However, you can also take help from any professional paper writing service if you are having trouble with your conclusion. The people there will take care of your requirements and you will get a perfect conclusion for your paper. A goals essay writing service provides highly qualified and experienced writers who help students complete their academic assignments.

Practice and hard work are the keys to writing a good and strong conclusion. Writing always takes time to improve. Take it from me. I faced numerous issues whenever I had to write my paper as a student. However, I did put a lot of hard work into my writing and especially the conclusion. I followed the guidelines of the experts to improve my writing.

Hard work alone cannot work to achieve a goal. It takes identification of the right direction, along with hard work, if you want to achieve your goals. Most people put their efforts blindly and start working hard in the wrong direction. However, if you do not plan to take a longer route, it is better to take help from some professional paper writing service, and you will get your paper ready. Similarly, you can also learn from them and improve your conclusion. Other than that, you can also find a good tutor who can help you find a direction, the rest depends on you how much effort you put into it.

One of the most significant mistakes that people make while writing a conclusion is that they write a long conclusion. Take it from the experts who advise against writing a significantly long conclusion. A longer conclusion gives the wrong image on the behalf of the writer. A long conclusion suggests that the writer was running short on the analysis and decided to write a long conclusion to cover up. It is always a good practice to have one medium-sized paragraph to conclude your essay or any kind of paper. However, if the paper is significantly longer and requires a longer conclusion, you can divide your conclusion into two related parts or write two paragraphs. The number of paragraphs for the conclusion depends upon the size of the actual paper.

To cap it all, a conclusion is one of the most important parts of the paper. It works as a bridge between the level of analysis that the reader has provided in the body of the paper, and the reader's own opinions. It is important to understand that after crossing the bridge of conclusion, the reader's perception regarding the topic should be enhanced in your paper's shade. Similarly, do not write your conclusion of the paper as a summary of the paper or the essay. A conclusion is not a summary. A summary of the essay is provided in the abstract. A summary, however, is the synthesis of your whole paper.

Other than that, do not provide any other additional information in the conclusion. It is a general observation that people provide extra information when they are providing recommendations. Provide realistic recommendations in the conclusion that are based on the analysis in your paper. Do not provide a too idealistic recommendation that falls outside the scope of your paper. I hope you keep all of these points in mind when writing an essay. Don't worry, you don’t need to pay someone to write my essay because I have tips and techniques that will help you write a high quality paper.

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