12 Feb

Words make up sentences. Sentences make up the discussions and organize the ideas in a flow. So technically words are the basic unit of long discussions and of the sea of ideas in every field of life. Words can be as simple as we use in our daily life to communicate and as difficult as we use while writing a research paper. 

So, it is necessary to place accurate vocabulary keeping the context in mind. An expert essay writer must be aware of the basic formal and informal vocabulary techniques and should know where and how to use them. For example, when I write my essay I make sure to use language that adds readability and fluency to my narrative. In my school life, I knew what they both were! But I always mixed them up because, on that level, research papers were not taught in-depth.


However, the two types of speech i.e, the formal and informal use of words are to be used in specific contexts alone. If I started interacting with people by using the phrases “yours obediently” and “most respectfully”, it might make them believe that I have lost my mind. Similarly, if I won’t start a formal or academic document with the words, “hey” and “what's up?” because it might sound wrong and it is also unacceptable to begin a formal paper with informal greetings. 

I always wanted someone to write my essay because of this confusion.  However, in college life, I got to identify the difference between both. Didn’t want to get my hands dirty in school, lol.

There are some steps which one can follow to help develop their vocabulary and use them efficiently in their academic essays. I will give you some ideas about how to learn and incorporate well-developed vocabulary in an essay and become an eloquent essay writer.

 Mnemonic techniques:

Do we need to memorize every academic word in a professional learning way? The answer is simple. NO! It takes some very fun activities to save some time in your life and provide you with the best experiences of learning. Mnemonic techniques are one of them. 

What exactly is Mnemonics? It’s a simple memory trick where you speak the word out loud when you are trying to learn and associate it with a funny word, interesting event, lame joke or so on. You should know that you can always ask “could you help write my essay” from a senior. Here is a collection of such terms, together with their definitions, to make it simpler for you to utilize them: 

One Day, One Word

Make a habit to learn one word one day and try to incorporate it into your daily life discussions wherever it fits. Using the words daily can help you learn and remember them for a longer time. There are multiple ways you can add that word in your daily conversations, your assignment, your social media posts, and whatnot. 

Get yourself a Journal:

Although learning one word per day sounds easy and is an effective technique too, humans can’t keep a record of learned words on their finger’s tips. Journal keeping is a habit that will not only help you improve your reading, but your writing skills and vocabulary as well.

 Whatever new words you learn on a daily basis, keep a record of them and maintain them in their journal so that your efforts don’t go to waste. There is an essay writer website that provider who can write papers in an adequate and comprehensive manner. 

Read and Write

You cannot just find a word out of nowhere to learn and remember it for the rest of your life. Learning new vocabulary requires a strong interest in reading and writing as well. These activities cannot be just paused with the fact that school has ended so we don’t need to read and learn anymore. 

Learning is never about passing the exams. Learning should never stop. So, you might consider to pay someone to write my paper.  Learning stays with you wherever you go. So, all you need to do is read magazines, read newspapers, watch news, documentaries, pick new words, and quote them in your journals and articles or maybe keep track of your daily routine by writing it in your personal diary. 

These words make up your language and help you get familiar with a new world of words with effective and sometimes astonishing meanings. 


One of the handiest forms of help to get you to learn new vocabulary and incorporate it in your essay is a Thesaurus. When I write my essay, I keep a thesaurus at hand and use it effectively and efficiently when I want to find a word different from the one, I have been using in my essays. 

Sometimes, I have some ideas in my head but I struggle to find a suitable word for it. Thesaurus helps me a lot to find a suitable word in such situations and helps me better express my ideas with new and varied vocabulary pretty easily. Surely, it can help you too! 

Origin of the word:

Words have complex roots as well. Not physically but metaphorically yes. People interested in digging up those roots, I mean discovering the etymology of these words have a much-synchronized knowledge of vocabulary to incorporate in their essays and research papers. If any of you is interested in impressing your reader and professor with a quality paper with extensive vocabulary, showing a good command of the language, you are required to take the long path of learning. 

Read a lot and read proficiently, develop a habit of skimming but do take a break over difficult unknown words. Mark or highlight them. Research them and learn them effectively. These simple learning techniques are some of the most interesting and effective ways to develop the interest of the student to add new vocabulary to their essay and papers. Students and adults of any age are also welcome to help themselves through these learning techniques. 

If you are still not able to comprehend certain words when reading and writing an essay, you can opt for a paper writing service to provide you with a better academic essay of your choice. If you want to hire a pro-academic writer just search for “write my essay in 1 hour”, you will find a list of essay writers online. These websites have trained professionals ready to dispatch their services according to your needs.

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